Who is “Jan Schaffner”?

Jan is a native Oregonian, living all over the state from Columbia River to Medford. She became a Christian in 1970, during the Albany Jesus Movement. She attended OSU and received the equivalent of a Master’s in Business from Willamette University. Jan has served in many leadership roles both inside and outside of the church over the past 50 years.
She retired early from Oregon State Management to pursue her current “freedom fighter” calling. She has graduated from numerous ministry training schools preparing her for directing and leading ministry teams. Most recently, she became a Director of a Wholeness/ Inner Healing Ministry within her local church and has served in that capacity for the past seven years. This year, she and her team took freedom ministry tools to a large Women’s Shelter in Salem/Keizer seeing amazing fruit outside the four walls of the church.
Jan has fully embraced her inheritance word as described in Isaiah 61:1 (NASB): “The spirit of the Lord God is upon me because the Lord has anointed me to bring good news to the afflicted; He has sent me to bind up the broken-hearted, to proclaim liberty to captives and freedom to prisoners.” Her passion is to facilitate God encounters for people to be saved, healed and delivered. She and her teams have seen many hundreds of people have radical life-changing encounters with God by serving on the frontlines of ministry over the last 25 years. Jan and Dennis served together as Ministry Directors of a Freedom Ministry in their church during the 1990’s Revival in Salem. As a couple, they are believing for Revival fire to come to Salem (meaning Peace /Shalom) once again.

In early 2019, Jan received a clear call from God to write the book “Stand Firm to be Free!” Based on Galatians 5:1. It was published in early 2020, and released just as the Coronavirus Pandemic hit the world. She heard: “I want you to start writing on all aspects of Freedom, many will need know how to stand firm and keep their freedom.” This is the first of multiple books to come on many Freedom principles and strategies. Volume II will be released soon called: “Redeemed for Freedom!” Volume III will be “Fast Forward into Freedom!” A book on supernatural intermittent fasting including Jan’s testimony on weight loss. More books and resources are coming within the next year. All will be linked to Amazon on this website.
Jan has been married to Dennis for 49 years. They are parents to two amazing children with their own thriving families. Jennifer, has been a worship trainer and leader married to a German businessman, they have 3 wonderful children and one grandchild. Eric is a Pastor at Eagle Mountain Fellowship and businessman in Bend, Oregon. He is married and has an awesome family with two children.
Jan and her family have all embraced their Kingdom of God assignments. They believe the world is at the threshold of a “Billion-Soul Harvest.” The world is being set-up for major breakthrough, with “pressure before the promise and shaking for awakening” currently happening worldwide. This ministry is being birthed with the vision of bringing the GOOD NEWS of God’s Kingdom focusing on bringing freedom to the frontlines of the world. Our passion is to help people step into FREEDOM in all facets of their life, while embracing their Kingdom identities and destinies in Christ.